Monday, May 9, 2011

Rachel K's CC Cream

Hey Gals....
Sorry, been really under the weather
fighting off an onset of flu and sore throat
thus did not keep you posted on what's good
on the beauty beat.

Today I will be reviewing Rachel K's CC Cream
this cream is way better than BB creams.
I have used a couple of BB creams,
usually given to me as gifts
but none of them are good to use
and they do not last long
as I have oily T-zone,
the usual BB creams just slide right off.
Messing up my makeup.

Whereas Rachel K's Mineral Cosmetic
which debuted in Singapore just over 3 months ago
is fast becoming one of my makeup staples
simply because, it offers great coverage
It allows you buildable coverage even for dark circles
and it is NON-OILY,
in fact, it lasts thru a good 8 hours
when I used it for work.

The plus side is,
the colour of this updated skincare / cosmetic
item is..... it is NON-YELLOW base
which is great for users
who wish to see rosy, glowing complexion,
so I Love it!!!

If the folks at Rachel K ever reads this, I hope she will sponsor
I need a couple of tubes and a couple of their pressed powders.
I think the world of it!!!
I might do a different post on their press powder soon.

In any case...
here is what the cream looks like,
It really is a all-in-one
with UV protection already
esp with such hot weather these days
all you need to do,
is take the required amount,
shown as above,
pat it slowly into your skin
to avoid uneven streaks
noting to cover the undereyes
and nose, those areas where you have red parts.
And, Viola!!
Perfect Skin canvass.
You barely need much makeup,
perhaps just to draw your brows
and dab some gloss on the way out!

Retails at $38 for their CC cream
and $35 for the pressed powder.

Will I Buy this again: I hope to be sponsored :))
Rating: 10/10
Ease of Use: Very Simple... follow steps above.

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